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Today’s leaders are expected to create the vision and culture, deliver on objectives, secure good outcomes, uphold the best in public values (whether in the public or private sector) and manage the budget.

Leaders are looked up to, emulated and ‘followed’ via social media.

Always being in the spotlight can metaphorically ‘blind’ our thinking, a bit like a animal caught in a vehicles headlights; they freeze and can’t move unable to see the impending threat and move to avoid it.

Whether working in the public sector as a senior leader, as a board member or Trustee, taking time out to think for yourself and learning how to make sure others do the same will make you more effective and efficient.  Your decision-making will improve and you will be seen as a collaborative, decisive leader who listens and learns. Take the first step and find out how a bespoke programme, including any or all of the workshops, can be designed to improve your organisations outcomes. Contact me.