“Support” for coaches

Peer supervision

£55 for a 2-hour session (limited to 4 participants)

Regular supervision is a critical aspect of practice that supports our skills, develops and deepens knowledge and provides a safe space to reflect and replenish.

Anne has a Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision (Oxford Brookes University), and brings her Time to Think© philosophy to over 2-years experience as coach supervisor.


To support you and to help breast cancer patients worldwide who can’t afford medication or treatment, 10% of the booking fee for peer coaching supervision sessions will go to Breast Cancer Support.

If you still are not sure it’s for you, here’s what previous coaches said about working with Anne in a peer coaching session.

“Helps shine a light on how coaching sessions should go, i.e. subconscious expectations; I like supervision!”

“The power of a group which I had previously steered away from, such a huge power”

“The depth and difference that others bring”

“Sense of more confidence, whilst other thoughts are not the same, they are valued”

Get behind breast cancer awareness month